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Maui Airport
Car Rental Deals

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The Lowest Rates

We present you with the lowest rate agencies on Maui. Let us know if you see anything for less and we’ll add it here. Companies have been booted from our website if their prices are too expensive.

Unlimited Miles

Many renters ask this question. The answer is a resounding yes! Free unlimited miles are included with all “New Cars”. You’ll need to inquire if miles are free when renting from one of our “Used Cars” rental services.

24/7 Pickup & Return Access

Most flights come in as expected when the car rental counters are open. But there are times when travelers fly in late. In these situations drop boxes for keys are provided if no shuttle or office is available.

Extra Drivers

Most of our “New Car” rental partners offer free extra drivers in addition to free spouse and life-partner drivers. We seek out companies which offer discounts and bonuses such as these services.

We work with many local Maui County vehicle rental companies. We do the analysis so you don’t have to.

50% of our partners carry “New Car” rentals and many are from large brands such as Avis, Dollar, Enterprise and other well-respected players. Car rentals are strictly a commodity, but many of us still have our brand loyalty. With perks and points being a large part of company preference.

The other 50% of our recommended “Used Car” services are from rent-a-car agencies which offer lightly-used cars. The theory behind these services is the offer of “fitting in like a local” and potentially saving money with a car that’s 5-10 years old. Review all comapnies before renting.

Our partners are "Tour Operators" and thus get rates lower from the big national brands that you can get by contacting them directly. Experience the island of Maui in the car of your choice. Companies found listed here in our guide have current model sedans, convertibles, 4x4 Jeeps, SUV’s and minivans with A/C, automatic transmissions and free unlimited miles.

Maui "New Car" Rental Services

Large Popular Agencies

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Easy & Fast - Book a car in under 90 seconds. No booking fees. Handy to view or cancel reservations. Unlimited miles and AC in every car. Special discounted prices available. They have partnered with discounted companies such as (Hertz, Avis, Dollar, Enterprise, Thrifty etc.) and others; negotiating with each of the agencies to offer you their "Lowest Rate" service.

Discounted National Brands

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We secure deals such as free extra drivers and discounted tour operator rates with seven major rental agencies. Brands you trust at low prices you'll love. We like to keep it simple. Payment is processed upon returning your vehicle. You pay nothing until you are done with your rental. Enjoy an Amazing selection of vehicles at Maui Car Rental

The Same Cars For Less

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They have special, travel-agent rates with all of the top Hawaii auto rental companies which they are pleased to offer to our customers. Book a discount Maui car with Hawaii car rental, and you'll start saving today. They offer rentals for all major Hawaiian Islands. Their pickup lots are found at: Kahului Airport, Maui, Kihei Maui, Lahaina-Kaanapali Maui.

“New Car” Rentals

Guaranteed Reservations

No Prepayment


Air Conditioned


No Cancellation Penalties


Great Customer Service


No Booking Fees


National Popular Brands


Renting A Car Has Never Been Easier

Up To 70% Off

Discount “New Car” Rental Cars

Check Rates

View List of “Used Car” Car Rentals

Load the Jeep w/Beach Gear

And get ready to hit the beach on Maui!

Our Partners Have You Covered with Easy Roadside Assistance

If your car or Jeep has a problem each of our partners has an emergency number you can call if need be.

The rates were best for the time of year we went (Summer). Told family about this place!

Van Allen

Our first time maui. The windows looked like they were rained on. Overall good rental by the end of the week.

Sean Meehan

Corey was very helpful. Great stories and ideas for stuff to do. Road to Hana tips too!

Daymi Lembesi

We offer the best rates on car rentals from major national brand corporations. We can often save you up to 70% on a current model cars. All vehicles are located at convenient Maui locations. Pick-up at Kahului Airport OGG, Kahului cruise ship harbor, Kapalua Airport JHM or in South Maui – Kihei, Wailea, Makena.

We connect you with all the major car rental companies for less! Enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian islands in style as we offer car rental discounts on current model Jeeps, sedans, convertibles, SUV’s and vans with air conditioning, automatic transmissions and unlimited miles at all airport locations! We guarantee your reservation! 

Hawaii’s a major destination for visitors. The Hawaiian islands are beautiful and no visit is complete without touring by automobile.

When you are going to Maui for a week or a couple of days you would need to tour around. As a tourist to this beautiful Hawaiian island, you wouldn’t know how the Maui Bus schedules run or maybe you would just like to drive around giving you the freedom to go anywhere on the island. For you to do this you will need a car and since you can’t bring your personal car to the island you will have to rent one from here. However, with so many services and vehicles on offer, it can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, we’re here to help you! By the end of this article, you’re going to find out the cheapest way to hire a vehicle in Hawaii, as well as plenty of money-saving tips…

There are plenty of car rental services in Hawaii, fortunately you’ve the one that is known to be the best in the region. Offering you a variety of cars to choose from and staff to help you pick the car that is right for you, so you to enjoy your visit.

After you give our agents your itinerary they will look at what is the most suitable car for your trip. With offices in Kahului and additional offices all over Hawaii, they can check for vehicles in Kahului Airport OGG, Kahului cruise ship harbor, Kapalua Airport JHM or in South Maui. Finding the best vehicle at a great price, combined with plenty of pickup places and more importantly there are more drop off points, makes getting you a bargain at a convenient location easy.

Here are some reasons why you would use car rental in Maui:


Guaranteed Reservations

To book a car, you can either do it by phone or through their website and they guarantee you that whatever car you choose to drive will be available when you get there. There are other companies which claim to offer you the cars that you want but when you get there you find that the car you wanted is unavailable and you are forced to take a more expensive car or one that doesn’t suit your needs. When you use Maui Car Rental service you are assured that you will get what you are looking for, in time and at the price that you had agreed.

There are many convenient locations. However, most visitors to Maui pickup vehicles at the Kahului Airport OGG. Kahului Airport OGG is the primary airport on Maui.

No Booking Fees

Another advantage of using our service is that there is no booking fee. When you call them in advance you have the option of choosing the car that you want and you don’t have to commit yourself financially to use the vehicle. This comes in handy as there are times when you will find yourself not needing the car as either the trip has been canceled or when you get there you find that transportation has been organized by the people or place you are going to visit. If you had paid a booking fee for anyone of those occasions it means that you would have lost some money and won’t be able to recover it. Another advantage of no booking fees is that you can upgrade or downgrade the car that you want without incurring any extra cost.


With the no booking fees, it means that you can cancel anytime. Cancellations can be done either through phone or email. The company will gracefully accept to what you want and cancel your order. The company carries itself with a high level of professionalism and they understand there could be various reasons why you would not want to use their services and they let you go without any demands.

There are no cancellation fees with this service. You can cancel your request a day before you arrival and you will not be charged any fees. There are companies that hold you responsible and expect you to part with some money if you are to cancel on them but not with Maui Car rental service. They are okay to let you go easily knowing that in the future you might use their services.

Easy Booking Process

The booking process is very simple, all you have to do is provide them with your information and your itinerary. They will not ask for your credit card details or driver’s license for you to book the services. They will only ask for your name and trip details so that they can book your car and they will know how to properly advise you.

Only when you go pick up the car that you will be using it is the time you will be asked to provide your credit card detail and your driver’s license. This will be to pay for the service and to show them that you are capable of driving the car in Hawaii.

Car Guide

The cars they have in stock vary from sedans, SUVs and four wheel drives. The types of cars that they have are economy, compact, intermediate, standard size, full-size, premium, luxury, convertible, 2 and 4 door Jeep Wrangler, intermediate SUV, standard SUV and pickups. All the cars that they have are recent models and they are at most 18 months old.

The cars are well taken care of, they have all been serviced to make sure by the time you are going to pick them up they are ready for whatever journey that you are going to embark. Maui has a tropical climate meaning that it is hot most of the time and as such all the cars are fitted with air conditioning.

Lastly, all the cars are insurable and just in case you have an accident when you are driving in Hawaii you have the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.

Things To Do on Your Trip To Maui Hawaii

Drive the Road to Hana

Start the day early and pack water, snacks and weather protection. It can be raining and sunny at the same time. Come prepared.

Drive to the Top of Haleakala

Up, up, up. All the way to the top. If you’re lucky you’ll be one of the few people who experience beautiful weather and perfect temperatures.


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